Monday, May 19, 2014

oh haaaaaay

today is a good day for tony chestnut
i was featured on my favorite blog, miss moss.
i feel great.

but, miss moss missed (ha) a little bit of very important information, so i will fill in...
the photos of this collection, which do so much more than capture the clothing-- they bring the clothes to life-- they were taken by my dear friend meg kroeker.  to collaborate with another artist, and have them breathe their own priceless creativity into a project that you have slaved over (and sometimes even questioned/condemned), well... it's just the best gift you could ever be given.  to have someone come in and fluently speak your creative language, it makes your work better.  two brains are better than one.
this is what working with meg has taught me.
thank you meg.
ANNNND... to work with a model that embodies the entire feeling and lifestyle that you can only imagine (in your wildest dreams), your clothes would represent; well... that makes all of that hard work in the sewing machine trenches so totally worth it.
thank you akos.

on this (sappy) exciting note, i would like to cordially invite all of you to tony chestnut's spring/summer trunk sale.  the details are as follows:

it will take place on thursday, june 5, at 470 river ave (little sister coffee maker).  it will run from 8pm-midnight.  quantities will be limited, so be sure to come earlier than later!

and if you are not in the winnipeg area, or you can't make it to the event, please check out my website/online shop.

and finally, thank you to all of you for caring about independent artists, and for supporting tony chestnut.  me and my puffy emotional eyes THANK YOU!



  1. Would you be interested in collaborating on a fashion spread? Contact me for more info