Saturday, January 21, 2012

heavy load

today's post is about bags.
i reeeeeeally like bags. i like totes, i like purses, i like clutches. i like 'em all. i've put together a little list of some of my favorites.

these southern field industries ones are so very cool looking. a little big saddle-bag-esque.

yes please, hermes.

i love the simplicity and hand-made charm of these totes by for you me and us.

i LOVE this classic bag from cambridge satchel company. (i just received my own navy satchel in the mail, and boy, does it rule.)

for me, a bag has to transcend trends, seasons, and event-appropriateness. but, most importantly... it must make you look great and feel completely functional. i realize that this is a tall order but i will not back down.


  1. totes are where it's at! the twins at the top are great!

  2. I LOVE Cambridge satchels. My purse just committed suicide the other day. I kinda love that I have an excuse to start looking for a new one.